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Don't miss the chance and join us & @labs_care project on 25 May! 📣 We will learn about the project, about the iss… 23 2022RT @eucti_eu: 🚨 Today marks the D-day for the #ProtectionofCivilians course targeting @EUAM_Ukraine 🇺🇦 and implemented by @CEP_Slovenia.…May 23 2022RT @labs_care: The event aims to present the work of the #DCareLabs and meet with Slovenian stakeholders active in the field of home care t…May 20 2022RT @labs_care: 🏠⚕️ From Slovenia, active in the field of #health, #homecare & and interested in hearing about #innovations in homecare? T…May 20 2022The 4-day online course will be an adaptation of the course CEP offers to policing forces in UN missions & operatio… 20 2022@CEP_Slovenia is implementing #ProtectionofCivilians (PoC) training through the @eucti_eu project between 23-26 May… 20 2022📰 Vabljeni k branju intervjuja z našim sodelavcem Markkom Kallonenom (koordinator projekta @eucti_eu), ki je za… 18 2022👏 Congrats to the @EDDEplomacy team and this year's generation of #digital diplomats - or would you prefer digital… 13 2022RT @EDDEplomacy: #DigitalBled 🌐 training is well underway! Day 1 covered the importance of public affairs & public diplomacy, working with…May 11 2022🚔🚨 Cooperation in the field of patrol management between Slovenia & Serbia continues with a study visit of represe… 09 2022
  • May 17, 2022
    Second Protection of Civilians training is around the corner
    Centre for European Perspective will, in the scope of the EU Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI) project, between 23 and 26 May 2022 implement Protection of Civilians (PoC) training. The training’s target audience is the staff...
  • May 16, 2022
    European Digital Diplomacy Exchange general training of 2022 is concluded
    After four sunny though intense days filled with lectures, workshops, simulation exercises as well as social activities a new generation of European Digital Diplomacy Exchange (EDDE) participants was born. From 10 to 13 May the...
  • May 9, 2022
    Serbian police officers for more efficient management of patrols on...
    Klikni tukaj za več o projektu v slovenščini   Building capacities for the management of patrols in Serbia is an example of Slovenia's admirable international development cooperation with Serbia, which has been ongoing for several years....
  • May 6, 2022
    Announcement: European Digital Diplomacy Exchange training 2022
    In 2019 one of the first European Digital Diplomacy Exchange training was held in Bled, Slovenia. Now, three years later the training will once again take place at the same location. From 10 to 13...


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