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Join the 8th edition of the Triglav run organized by @TriglavGroup, #YoungBSF sponsor, and improve yourself while y… 21 2019We have concluded our 2-day event held as a preparatory meeting leading to Young @BledStratForum with a panel that… 06 2019We are starting second day with #VisegradCafe discussing #HumanRights #SustainableDevelopment #Reconciliation… 06 2019RT @PCRCBiH: An inspirational round table for the end of Day 1 of @CEP_Slovenia's conference in #Sarajevo [ahead of @BledStratForum]; Discu…August 05 2019RT @amer_kap: I love this region but I can't stand the scene: 40% youth(15-24) has no job.22,3% not in school, nor in job, and only 13% of…August 05 2019RT @VelmaSaric: Exploring the experience of #EU #V4 & #WesternBalkan countries in better involvement of youth w/ representives from @CEP_Sl…August 05 2019Second panel of the day focuses on #CrossRegionalCooperation between #WesternBalkan6 #V4 and #EU with V4 and Sloven… 05 2019First panel of our 2-day preparatory event leading to Young @BledStratForum focuses on "Youth and #EuroAtlantic Int… 05 2019We have successfuly kicked off 2-day event supported by @VisegradFund titled "Youth as a (future) (re)source". Welc… 05 2019CEP is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with @MZZRS @policija_si @vladaRS @Slovenskavojska @MO_RS within t… 25 2019


  • August 7, 2019
    Youth as a (Future) (Re)Source – Preparatory Event Leading...
    Centre for European Perspective has together with Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations and supported by International Visegrad Fund, organized a 2-day event that opened the floor to youth and civil society of...
  • July 25, 2019
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Young BSF preparatory event
    We are cordially inviting you to attend a 2-day event organized by Centre for European Perspective in cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations, supported by International Visegrad Fund. The event will...
  • July 25, 2019
    Slovenia is now opening the Centre for Education and...
    Slovenia is now opening the Centre for Education and Training for Participation in Peacekeeping Operations and Missions at Centre for European Perspective (CEP) Click here to read more about the project in Slovenian language.  Centre for...
  • July 11, 2019
    LET4CAP Training of trainers Concluded
    The LET4CAP training that took place at Castle Jable (Slovenia) in this week has finished successfully. The event was organized by the Centre for European Perspective and is the first of three sessions that...


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