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RT @PA10_EUSDR: The 2021-2027 EU Cohesion policy wil be an important EU policy that glues EU together to make EU: Smart, Green, Connected,…October 19 2018RT @EUinmyRegion: .@CorinaCretuEU "together with Commissioners @GOettingerEU @GabrielMariya @TNavracsicsEU we are committed to fully suppor…October 18 2018RT @RegioInterreg: 👀🎦Don’t miss anything about the #Danube Strategy 7th Annual Forum! Webstreaming is available here…October 18 2018It’s time for the #EUSDR Annual Forum 2018! 18 2018“Even if the EU falls apart tomorrow, we need to solve our problems,” claims Hedvig Morvai @jadviga at #BelSecForum… 17 2018RT @tobyvogel: Robert Cooper: I don't want to make a judgment whether these states in the Balkans are captured by elites, I don't live here…October 17 2018RT @adicerimagic: “Ten years ago #Serbia did not have trade agreement with #EU and our citizens could not travel visa free to #Schengen. To…October 17 2018What will the Balkans look like in 2025? It takes two to tango 💃🏻🇪🇺, speakers at the #BelSecForum agree and the app… 17 2018CEP has successfully co-organized second “Mentoring, Monitoring & Advising (MMA)” course in Slupsk, Poland! 🇵🇱 We… 16 2018CEP's @MelihaMuherina just returned from 1st “VOICE UP” WB Youth Forum organized by WB Youth Cooperation Platform -… 16 2018


  • October 16, 2018
    LET4CAP – Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building second...
    Centre for European Perspective has successfully co-organized second “Mentoring, Monitoring & Advising (MMA)” course that was held in Slupsk (Poland) at a Polish Police School from 8th to 12th October 2018. CEP has actively...
  • October 16, 2018
    CEP at 1st "Voice Up" Western Balkans Youth Forum
    CEP Project Manager Meliha Muherina has moderated a round table at 1st "VOICE UP" Western Balkans Youth Forum organized by Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform (WBYCP). WBYCP is a grassroots regional youth platform implemented...
  • October 15, 2018
    Macedonia with the support of Slovenia about steps towards...
    Suggestions on how to make advancements in financial investigations as well as seizures of proceeds of criminal offences and property of illegal origin were identified and discussed within the workshop and presentations to the...
  • October 10, 2018
    In Podgorica experts about electronic communication and broadband
    In the framework of the bilateral technical assistance project “Assistance to Montenegro in negotiations on accession to the EU” of the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) a three-day experts’ visit in the field of...


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