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RT @BledStratForum: Also among #BSF 2018 speakers, Dr Janez Potočnik (@JanezPotocnik22), Co-Chair of the #UNEP International Resource Panel…August 04 2018A new #ENTRi Course "International Standards for the Protection of Individuals and Groups: A training Course for Fi… 04 2018RT @BledStratForum: Also joining us, Dr Christian Ketels (@chrisketels), Chief Economist of the @BCG & head of the BCG Henderson Institute…July 31 2018RT @BledStratForum: We are thrilled to announce Ms Shada Islam (@shada_islam), Director of Europe and Geopolitics at @FriendsofEurope, as o…July 31 2018RT @BledStratForum: Coming from the vivid intersection of neuroscience, marketing, communications, leadership and education, CEO of Trizma…July 31 2018RT @BledStratForum: Also among this year's guests, Prof Dr Amb Colette Mazzucelli (@ColetteGrace), BMW Foundation Responsible Leader and ad…July 31 2018Mr Alexander Maier @allworldisgreen , member of the the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, with colleagues visi… 31 2018RT @BledStratForum: Joining us from the University of Southern Denmark will be Mr Alf Rehn (@alfrehn), professor of innovation, design, and…July 25 2018RT @BledStratForum: Also joining us as a guest speaker at Bled Strategic Forum 2018 will be H.E. Mr O-Gon Kwon, President of the Assembly o…July 25 2018The article about 26th @NATO Summit in Brussels is out! We are also delighted to announce that we will be the co-or… 24 2018


  • July 31, 2018
    MP of Baden-Württemberg Mr Meier's makes first Danube journey...
    Mr Alexander Maier, member of the the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, with colleagues visited CEP on Monday, 30 July 2018. This was his first stop on four weeks long journey through Danube region. Baden-Württemberg is...
  • July 23, 2018
    NATO Summit in Brussels
    The 26th NATO Summit took place on July 11th and 12th in Brussels. Those meetings gather NATO members, Heads of State and Heads of Governement to evaluate and update the Alliance's strategy. In general,...
  • July 19, 2018
    Experts from ATVP provide consulting to their colleagues in...
    In the framework of the bilateral technical assistance project “Assistance to Montenegro in negotiations on accession to the EU” the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) provides assistance to the Montenegrin Securities and Exchange Commission....
  • July 19, 2018
    CEP at the Western Balkans Summit
    It was the fifth time that the six Western Balkans countries participated in a Summit dedicated to a common cooperation and integration with the European Union. This year’s Summit took place in the United...


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