The LET4CAP training that took place at Castle Jable (Slovenia) in this week has finished successfully. The event was organized by the Centre for European Perspective and is the first of three sessions that have been dedicated towards solidifying the development of a common law enforcement capacity building culture.

The second day of the Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building (LET4CAP) included the LEO’s in a discussion on training techniques and the application of these skills in a practical and personalized way. The morning session offered a theoretical overview of the different forms trainings can be organized with the use of demonstrative or scenario-based approaches and the application of simulations, World Cafès or Gallery Walks. The afternoon session that followed included group presentations, where participants took turns to explain their own envisaged training scenarios. The delivered presentations were later on evaluated by each individual participant along with the course mentor, so to provide mutual feedback and further improve their learning capabilities.

The third and final day of the LET4CAP training was dedicated to the topic of training environments management and the challenge of creating effective communication. The training was delivered by psychologist Karolina Ribacka of the Polish Policja. Her extensive experience in the field provided students with a more cognitive perspective on classroom conduct by explaining character traits that can help secure a positive training environment.

The session addressed the skills required for a proactive and attentive interaction between trainers and their potential audience. The lather is achieved  through verbal and non-verbal modes of communication (mannerisms, facial expressions or gestures). The interactive activities trainees participated in, namely role-plays and buzz groups, aim at enhancing capabilities in terms of listening skills and learning to distinguish between more or less effective language, that can be used in the training room more generally. Developing sensible attitudes by trainers is also crucial for the strengthening of reciprocal expectations with trainees during international missions.

The knowledge and experience gained in the 3 day training was put to the test in the final part of the session in the form of a training exercise. Participants were divided into 4 teams and had to propose strategies for dealing with a situation of confrontation with other people (whether security related or character related), and diffusing the circumstances. An example of the group work was a presentation and role-play exercise that amplified the importance of color codes in routine (UN-Standardized) police control operations in the environment of UN-mandated international missions. Creating effective team building was also crucial for the success of this exercise.

The 3-day training course concluded with a final ceremony. Participants of the training were awarded diplomas of participation by H.E. Ambassador of Italy Paolo Trichilo.

The course is part of a framework of the Internal Security Fund of the European Union, where the Italian Carabinieri are leading a training initiative called “Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building project” – LET4CAP”. Members of the consortium are: the Centre for European Perspective (CEP), founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, the Polish police force “Policja” and the in-house agency of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance “Studiare Sviluppo”. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a more consistent and efficient assistance in law enforcement capacity building towards third countries, which will be achieved through the harmonization of a training package for Law Enforcement Organisations and with the development of a common, law enforcement capacity building culture.

LET4CAP Training of Trainers Debut!