Centre for European Perspective, has in cooperation with following Project Partners: 

–  Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary 

Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Slovakia 

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy; Czech Republic 

Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Tomorrow Youth Foundation for Sustainability, Hungary 

BETA-Europe, Poland 

PragueMUN, Czech Republic 


and with support of International Visegrad Fund , developed and executed a project, titled YOUNG BSF: YOUTH AS A (FUTURE) (RE)SOURCE. Project consisted of various online meetings, one preparatory meeting held in Sarajevo, main event held alongside Bled Strategic Forum, with final product being production of policy recommendations on current world issues. Topics that the project dealt with have been chosen during the applications procedure, where all the applicants had to answer a question on what do they deem the most important issue pertaining to their country, or their region, and what are some of the solutions for it. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, following four topics have been chosen as those mentioned most commonly by participants from all over the world:

– Impacts of the European integration;

– Sustainable development for Central and Eastern European region;

– Reconciliation as a precondition to regional cooperation;

– Human rights

Participants were honored to be addressed by Mr Andor Dávid, Executive Director of International Visegrad Fund, who engaged into a one-on-one session discussing Western Balkans and IVF role there, youth and sustainability. At the end of the event Mr Dávid also awarded participants with certificates of participation.

Policy recommendations can be found on the following link: Policy Recommendations



Young BSF: DAY 1                                                      Young BSF: DAY 2                                                            Young BSF: DAY 3