British Embassy Ljubljana, Centre for European Perspective – CEP and Bled Strategic Forum – BSF are pleased to invite you to the fourth event in the FUTURE PERFECT series titled:

How Western are the Western Balkans? The path to Euro-Atlantic integration
Tuesday, March 23, 12:00 (CET)
The future of the Western Balkans will shape the future of Europe. But during the pandemic, actors with competing values and principles have actively pursued their own agendas in the region. Have Europe and the West missed an opportunity to bring the Western Balkans closer?
Is there political will in Europe for effective strategic engagement with the region? And how can the region, with the rest of Europe, renew momentum for Euro-Atlantic integration – in the face of the influence and interests of other global players?
As the pandemic’s horizon comes into view, we invite you to join the latest episode in our “Future Perfect” series. The British Embassy Ljubljana and Centre for European Perspective will host a discussion with leading British, Slovene and regional experts to explore potential paths for the Western Balkans – and what this means for the future of Europe.


  • Mr Matt Baugh, Director, Political & Security at the UK Mission to the EU in Brussels
  • Mr Peter Grk, National Coordinator for the Western Balkans, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Mr Zoran Nechev, Head of the Center for European Integration, Institute for Democracy/Senior Researcher, Member of BiEPAG

Please join us via Zoom at the link below.

This will be the fourth event of the FUTURE PERFECT event series, organized by the British Embassy in Ljubljana, in cooperation with CEP and BSF. The FUTURE PERFECT series will gather experts to ask big questions about our post-COVID future. For more about the series, follow CEP on Facebook and Twitter or Bled Strategic Forum on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or follow the hashtag #FuturePerfectSeries.