After we successfully involved the State Prosecutor General of the Republic of Macedonia in Slovenia’s Development Cooperation with the Republic of Macedonia, an intersectoral workshop will take place in Bitola on 15 – 17 May 2018. The aim of the workshop is to improve interinstitutional cooperation in the implementation of financial investigations, directed at investigation, confiscation and seizure of the proceeds from crime and property of illegal origin.

The area of financial investigations is of utmost importance in the fight against organized crime and corruption since the seizures of the proceeds from crime and property of illegal origin prevent the criminal organizations from access to finances for their existence and operations. The workshop is part of a two-year project “Support to Macedonia in accession to the EU in the Chapter 24 – financial investigations” (2017 – 2018).

 Project is part of CEP’s program activities financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia in the framework of Slovenia’s Development Cooperation.