On Monday, the 7th of November, 25 trainees will join us at Jable Castle for the two-day International Humanitarian Law & Military Practice Developments Training for Military Personnel.

Photo by unsplash.com/@nasa

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The two-day training will cover topics such as international humanitarian law, future disruptive technologies in the military field, neurocognitive science in military and intelligence operations, practical application of IHL, Slovenia’s defence capabilities connected to space and how digital technologies shape wars and geopolitical dynamics.

The training will also include a visit to the Noordung Center in Vitanje where we’ll take a closer look at Slovenia’s defence capabilities connected to space.

Several established lecturers will join us live or via teleconference, including:

  • prof. dr. Vasilka Sancin, University of Ljubljana;
  • dr. Simona Soare, European Union Institute for Security Studies;
  • dr. James Giordano, Institute for Biodefense Research;
  • Lt. Col. Maximilian Katz, NATO School Oberammergau;
  • Breda Bunič, Ministry of Defence;
  • and dr. Julian Ringhof, European Council on Foreign Relations.

The aim of the training is to go over current and future challenges of everyone working in the field of human rights and to take a closer look at military practice developments that are influencing events of today and tomorrow.