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Centre for European Perspective is together with Center for Communication, Hearing and Speech, Portorož,  and Association for human rights and social inclusion Soci (Udruženje za ljudska prava I socialnu inkluziju – SOCI), Bosnia and Herzegovina, organising a three day training titled “Learning Compass – teacher training for work with children with disabilities”.

This training edition will start with a three-day workshop between November 4th and November 6th where three Slovenian experts will be holding lectures and interactive workshops on teacher training for work with children with disabilities and cooperate with their collegues from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activities will be concluded with a digital informative session for stakeholders, held in the following weeks.

The activities are based on a wider cooperation in the field of pedagogical work and teaching practices focusing on children with disabilities and special needs, achieved through the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices among teachers. The project brings together experts and trainers from Slovenia with their colleagues in Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo and North Macedonia who jointly strive to tackle the challenge of their every day work, to secure an educational process that is engaging, adjustable to the learning styles of each child and gives an equal learning opportunity to every individual.

The challenging new environment of the COVID-19 epidemic has also unveiled additional challenges educational systems worldwide needed to adjust to, from technical aspects of virtual school work to social and psychological components pupils are effected by, and that have widened the gap of equal learning opportunities even further. The project program addresses these challenges through various perspectives, from thematic activities to the overall training format, that will be implemented in an online fashion (virtual classroom).

Visit the CEP website for more information of the overall project and all activities encompassed within the project 

Project is part of CEP’s program activities financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia in the framework of Slovenia’s Development Cooperation.