On 20 March, we will begin the second three-week mentorship of 2024 in the municipality of Idrija under the auspices of the project ‘Post-conflict reconstruction in Ukraine’.

The fourth mentorship visit of the project will focus on developing collaboration between Pereschepyne and Idrija and enhancing knowledge and cooperation across multiple topics.

The mentorship builds upon the needs expressed by Pereschepyne municipality, mainly the preservation of cultural heritage, waste management, and energy efficiency of public buildings, and will address topics crucial for the municipality’s further development, such as project management, project writing, and topics related to the EU enlargement process on the local level.

The Idrija municipality, with its rich heritage in cultural preservation, activities in the area of waste management, sustainability and zero waste, and the successful establishment of the Ljubevč waste collection centre, brings valuable experience that can be a boon to partners from Pereschepyne. Through presentations and site visits, mentees from Ukraine will gain insights into these practices and projects and explore project planning, preparation and management, and EU project funding.


The ‘Post-conflict reconstruction in Ukraine’ project is funded by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs through the Slovenian Aid and Partnerships and implemented in partnership with ‘U-LEAD with Europe’. U-LEAD with Europe programme is a partnership of the Ukrainian government and the European Union, and its member states Germany, Sweden, Poland and Slovenia to support the establishment of multi-level governance that is transparent, accountable and responsive to the needs of the population of Ukraine.