Bled Strategic Forum

“The leading strategic conference in the region attracting over 1000 participants.”

Bled Strategic Forum 2018 convenes on September 10 – 11, 2018! Save the date!

In 2006, the Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) was launched with a vision to bring together decision-makers from different fields, to encourage open debate on contemporary political, security and development challenges, and to search for new ideas and solutions.

Bled Strategic Forum is a project of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. It is organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Centre for European Perspective.

In all the years since, we have had the privilege of meeting many new friends and partners and have built new relationships in many different fields. The complex and interdisciplinary challenges of today’s globalised world require comprehensive solutions, which the BSF and its participants have never been afraid of bringing up and discussing. As such, the BSF gives a voice to differing positions, views and understandings of the topics that require the attention of the wider international community.

Contributing to the Forum’s multifaceted identity are two additional programmes: the Business BSF, offering a platform for cooperation between the public and private sectors, and the Young BSF, voicing the visions of the next generation of leaders. In addition, the BSF has also developed a tradition of discussing less conventional issues – the Hidden Dimensions of International Relations.

With the ever-changing global situation, the BSF remains determined to strive towards innovative thinking and forward-looking visions. It is our hope that the Forum will continue to grow, evolve and influence various policy agendas and solutions of tomorrow.



CEP at 1st “Voice Up” Western Balkans Youth Forum

CEP Project Manager Meliha Muherina has moderated a round table at 1st "VOICE UP" Western Balkans Youth Forum organized by Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform (WBYCP). WBYCP is a grassroots regional youth platform implemented by Cooperation and Development...
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CEP, DCAF and IISG signed Memorandum of Understanding for tighter cooperation

Centre for European Perspective has been active in providing the security in the Western Balkans region, which would not be possible without good partners. On the margins of the Bled Strategic Forum, CEP's Executive Director Dr Gorazd Justinek signed a memorandum of...
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Thirteenth Bled Strategic Forum ends

The thirteenth Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) was the largest and richest Forum in terms of content so far, featuring 30 different discussions, excellent panellists and relevant topics. The Forum was attended by over 1200 guests from more than 80 countries. At its...
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Young BSF: Mediterranean Dimension of the OSCE

Young BSF ended in Bled with a panel and round-table workshop organised in close cooperation with Italy, which currently chairs the OSCE. Slovenian Foreign Affairs Ministry State Secretary Iztok Mirošič delivered the first address, in which he pointed to the youth as...
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Young BSF: Conflict Prevention, Peace Building, Peacebuilding and Mediation

The first of the two Young BSF panels that were incorporated into the main forum in Bled this year tried to find ways to prevent conflicts, build peace and use mediation, by focusing on contemporary cases in the Balkans and the Middle East – from the political,...
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BSF 2018: Bridging the Divide

The 2018 edition of the Bled Strategic Forum will take place in Bled on 10 and 11 September under the title “Bridging the Divide” and will again attract over 1000 visible foreign and Slovenian guests from the spheres of politics, economy, research and development,...
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EUSDR supports Young BSF and BSF 2018

As Priority area 10 of the EUSDR is focusing on Institutional Capacity and Cooperation we aim to include young professionals in the policy processes that are defining not only youth policies but tackle the major societal challenges. Institutions need to be able and...
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CEP at the Western Balkans Summit

It was the fifth time that the six Western Balkans countries participated in a Summit dedicated to a common cooperation and integration with the European Union. This year’s Summit took place in the United Kingdom in London on 10 July. Prime Minister Theresa May hosted...
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Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Western Balkans: Not without its Alternatives?

Round table discussion "Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Western Balkans: Not without its Alternatives?" took place on Tuesday, 10 July 2018 at the Faculty of Social Sciences and was organized by the Centre for European Perspective, the Bled Strategic Forum and the...
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Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Western Balkans: Not without its Alternatives?

The Centre for European Perspective, the Bled Strategic Forum and the MUN Slovenia Club kindly invite you to a panel discussion in the framework of the 2018 edition of the MUNSC Salient youth conference: "Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Western Balkans: Not without...
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