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2019 Bled Strategic Forum – ‘(Re)sources of (In)stability’

The availability, geographical distribution and allocation of strategic resources (natural, capital, human, etc.) greatly influence relations between different actors and are among the main determinants of stability in the international order.

Humans are living longer, wealthier and better lives than ever. However, growth, wealth and well-being come at a price. The sources of global instability have become more complex, dispersed and unpredictable.

The effective management of strategic resources maintains stability, reduces security risks and improves living standards, while uneven and unjust distribution leads to inequality and a concentration of resources in centres of power. Globalisation has not only polarised society, but also led to the rise of non-state actors, including international corporations. At the peak of human development, the West is now faced with the challenge of maintaining economic growth, preserving the welfare state and securing key democratic decision-making tools. Furthermore, citizens’ alienation from institutions, distrust in governing structures and the unfair distribution of resources strengthen nationalist and populist movements and rhetoric.

The battle for (re)sources has only just begun. What are the (re)sources of (in)stability regarding peace and security, sustainable development and economic progress?

Under the title ‘(Re)sources of (In)stability’, the 14th Bled Strategic Forum, to take place 2 and 3 September 2019 in Bled, Slovenia, will be dedicated to discussing the role of (re)sources regarding peace and security, sustainable development and economic progress.

The story of BSF

In 2006, the Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) was launched with a vision to bring together decision-makers from different fields, to encourage open debate on contemporary political, security and development challenges, and to search for new ideas and solutions.

Bled Strategic Forum is a project of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. It is organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and the Centre for European Perspective.

In all the years since, we have had the privilege of meeting many new friends and partners and have built new relationships in many different fields. The complex and interdisciplinary challenges of today’s globalised world require comprehensive solutions, which the BSF and its participants have never been afraid of bringing up and discussing. As such, the BSF gives a voice to differing positions, views and understandings of the topics that require the attention of the wider international community.

Contributing to the Forum’s multifaceted identity are two additional programmes: the Business BSF, offering a platform for cooperation between the public and private sectors, and the Young BSF, voicing the visions of the next generation of leaders. In addition, the BSF has also developed a tradition of discussing less conventional issues – the Hidden Dimensions of International Relations.

With the ever-changing global situation, the BSF remains determined to strive towards innovative thinking and forward-looking visions. It is our hope that the Forum will continue to grow, evolve and influence various policy agendas and solutions of tomorrow.



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BSF representatives at the MED Dialogues

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CEP, DCAF and IISG signed Memorandum of Understanding for tighter cooperation

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