In January, CEP has launched a call for applications among young people in Western Balkan who should outline solution and policy recommendation proposals on the most pressing challenges in their countries. We received 33 essays on the topic. One individual will be selected from each country and will get a chance to shape his or her future in Brussels. Results will be made available by 19 February 2018.

Public debate in Brussels in April 2018 will involve young individuals from all Western Balkan countries! Centre for European Perspective is organizing an event titled Back on the Agenda: EU Enlargement and Western Balkans, which will be addressing the EU enlargement fatigue on one side and Western Balkans’ lack of reform on the other.

In order to trigger new debate on EU, also in the light of the recent EU Enlargement Strategy for Western Balkans, various stakeholders will take an active role in the discussion, including young people of Western Balkans, who are incremental for the process.

Event is done in cooperation with Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT) (Hungary), EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy (Czech Republic), Slovak Foreign Affairs Association (SFPA)and Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) and supported by International Visegrad fund.