From October 26 of this year, POTC will organise, in cooperation with the European Security and Defence College (ESDC), the Comprehensive Protection of Civilians (CPoC) Training in Brussels.

The content of this 6-day training is built around the concept of “protection of civilians” (PoC). It refers to the responsibility of states, international organisations and other actors to protect individuals, particularly non-combatants, from harm during armed conflict, natural disasters and other forms of violence. This includes protecting them from physical violence, such as harm caused by weapons, and other forms of harm, such as forced displacement, sexual violence, and denial of access to essential resources and services. The principles of PoC are enshrined in international humanitarian law and human rights law and are considered a crucial aspect of ensuring respect for human dignity in times of conflict and crisis.

The course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to the Protection of Civilians for military personnel (battalion level or above), police personnel (senior police officer or above) and civilian personnel (heads of sections or above). These include decision-makers, members of non-governmental organisations and individual civilian experts who expect to be deployed to international missions and operations or who work in civilian crisis management without prior knowledge or skills to prevent or respond to violence against civilians.

Qualified candidates who match the above description are asked to complete the online application form and submit it by latest September 1, 2023.

Applications are to be filed via the ESDC secure internet system ENLIST by designated nominators under, no later than September 1st 2023. A list with relevant ENLIST nominators can be retrieved from the ESDC website at Each nominator is kindly requested to nominate participants in order of preference. Alternatively, use the online application form available at the following link: POTC & ESDC Comprehensive Protection of Civilians (PoC) Course.

All submissions will be reviewed by the ESDC and the POTC. The selected participants will be notified in a timely manner within 10 days following the application deadline. In their final selection of participants, the course admission board will seek to ensure a balance of genders, nationalities and working contexts.

Additional information:

  • The training is free of charge.

  • Organisers do not cover travel and accommodation costs. However, we will provide support and recommendations.

  • The working language is English.

  • Location of the training: Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the European Union

  • The tentative course programme can be found here.

Contact for any additional questions you might have.