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The Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) is organising a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT). The course will take place at Gotenica Police Training Centre in Slovenia from Sunday 24th to Friday 29th September 2023.

HEAT’s purpose is to train professionals to deal effectively with risk-associated and emergency/critical situations while deployed in hostile environments abroad.

Up to 24 professionals with different backgrounds, working or aiming to work with national or international (non)governmental organizations, academic or private sector are eligible to apply for participation in the training.

The participants will join an experienced group of Slovenian and foreign trainers for a five-day intensive course in the southwestern part of Slovenia. The training is designed to:

  • improve participants’ knowledge about multiple threats present in hostile field environments and learn how to deal with them in an effective manner

  • rehearse and practice safety and security procedures accordingly to specific threats

  • develop skills and behaviours to deal with different stressful situations.

Activities include lectures, guided discussions, role-playing, simulations, and a complex field training exercise. Trainees will be addressing deployment in hostile environments (threat awareness, management of various threats, etc.), medical help, orientation, communications, mobility, etc.

Additional Information

The participation fee for an individual attendee amounts to 1700,00 € before taxes and covers all costs related to training delivery except travel costs. Participants, sent by the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, are exempt from paying a participation fee.

English proficiency is a precondition for attending as the training program is conducted in English. A valid driving license for cars with manual transmissions is required.

POTC reserves the right to reject the participation of any applicant without providing specific reasons. The selected applicants will receive information on their successful registration on August 21st at the latest.

All applicants should register here by August 20th 2023.

Course Director is available for any additional information.

Download PDF with more information about HEAT here


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