On Friday, 11 June 2021, the capacity building workshop on disinformation concluded. The event brought together representatives of media and civil society from the Western Balkans. The representatives of government from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro were present, which enabled all three stakeholders to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

The participants received input from international and local experts, which was followed by a discussion. The topics were centred around how different actors in Europe counter disinformation and what is the role of the government, civil society and media in this. The event enabled media and civil society organizations to openly share their common challenges and engage in discussion on how to address them. It provided an environment in which stakeholders from all three sectors could engage in an open and honest exchange of views. In the second half, the participants actively engaged in scenario role-play to address crises situations and disinformation. This will be followed by other events and activities which encourage stakeholders to tackle the challenge of foreign disinformation in the Western Balkans.


The event was organized in the framework of the project “Strengthening societal resilience and countering foreign perpetrated disinformation in the Western Balkans” financed by the National Endowment for Democracy and Slovenian Aid fund from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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