Centre for European Perspective has been active in providing the security in the Western Balkans region, which would not be possible without good partners. On the margins of the Bled Strategic Forum, CEP’s Executive Director Dr Gorazd Justinek signed a memorandum of understanding between CEP, IISG and DCAF Ljubljana. DCAF was represented by its director, Mr Anton Travner, while IISG by its chairman Mr Rajko Kozmelj.

The IISG (Integrative Internal Security Governance) is a new approach to internal security governance capacity-building and reform introduced in the Western Balkan region. It is hosted by DCAF Ljubljana, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces, since 8 September 2017. The IISG concept enables a coordinated, aligned and sustainable effort in the major fields of internal security governance reform on part of the EU and all relevant international donors of external assistance.

Main objective of signed memorandum is to identify areas of potential cooperation among all three partners with aim to improve mutual coordination and ensure greater complementary, efficiency and effectiveness in the areas of common interest – advancing the Euro-Atlantic integration of the SEE, contributing to regional and wider European stability and prosperity by fostering regional reform, capacity building and cooperation, contributing knowledge and new expertise in areas of security and rule of law.

Memorandum of Understanding