Ivana Boštjančič Pulko, Centre for European Perspective – CEP; Johanna Suhonen and Kari Sainio, Finnish Defence Forces International Centre, have published an article in Contemporary Military Challenges, an interdisciplinary scientific and technical publication published by Slovenian Armed Forces.

Article, “Assessing the planning and implemention of EU mission and operation: Case Study of EUFOR Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina” focuses on Planning capacity, assessed from the perspective of EUFOR Althea’s initial mandate, namely the operational planning and capacity-building and training of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and support to the BiH authorities in maintaining a safe and secure environment. Additionally, EUFOR Althea’s engagement in Security Sector Reform and defence reform is covered. Research on EUFOR Althea’s planning capacity strived to encompass strategic and operational planning and its implications for the management and implementation of the operation, the lessons learned and the operation’s situational awareness.

You can access the publication here.