IECEU – Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention

“Enhancing the conflict prevention capabilities in CSDP missions and operations.”

IECEU is a three-year project (2015–2018), which aims towards enhancement of EU’s external activities. The consortium is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and consists of a diverse group of eleven civilian, research and military organisations from seven EU countries reflecting the variety within EU missions. The overall goal of the project is to find out new approaches and solutions to respond to the future challenges and threats.

The project analyses and evaluates the missions’ and operations’ effectiveness in three selected, case study areas, where Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) activities are represented: the Balkans, Africa, and Middle East/Asia. Such comprehensive analysis of current external actions can provide better answers to creating more effective missions and operations. Through analyses and evaluations, the project will identify best practices and develop new approaches and solutions. It aims to strengthen cooperation between different actors in the operational context and to provide recommendations for EU to guarantee long-term stability and to create new types of solutions and mechanisms for conflict preventative activities as an approach to guaranteeing safe communities. The project will also produce a catalogue of best practices and recommendations for the EU to strengthen its capabilities and to focus its strengths more effectively.

The main goals of the IECEU project are:

Analysing the current situation of on-going and past European Union CSDP missions and operations.

Learning from lessons provided by these CSDP missions and assessing the different options.

Providing new solutions, approaches and recommendations for EU to guarantee long-term stability through conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

CEP is involved in seven of the nine working packages and is leading the working groups on dissemination. Follow our regular publications on the project website and social networks. CEP has also participated in the field work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.



IECEU End User Advisory Working Group

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IECEU: First periodic review meeting

CEP has on 29th of November participated at a first Periodic review meeting of IECEU project, where Consortium members analyzed and debated the success and achievements of the project so far with external experts of the Research Executive Agency. Project is currently...