POTC – Peacekeeping Operations Training Centre

Centre for European Perspective (CEP) has been actively involved in European projects that aim at improving the competences of Slovene and foreign experts, who are deployed to peacekeeping operations and missions of the UN, EU, NATO and OSCE for over a decade. Through our projects we are enabling access to diverse trainings for Slovene experts in Slovenia, we are sharing expertise of our experts with rich international experiences and continue to learn from the best European partners.

In the last few years, CEP has been working on three projects: ENTRi – Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis ManagementLET4Cap – Law Enforcement Training for Capacity Building  and EUPCST – European Union Police and Civilian Services Training, that are striving to align trainings among participating countries, or better said, training institutions across Europe. CEP has also gained valuable experiences though the research project that was financed through the Horizon 2020, IECEU – Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention. 

Organization and implementation of trainings for participation in peacekeeping operations and missions would not be possible without the support and cooperation of the Slovenian Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence. All these years, the cooperation and coordination were done informally. As activities have largely increased, an inter-ministerial analysis in close cooperation with Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs about potential synergies in the field of training, proved – also due to the membership of Slovenia in UN, EU and NATO – that an inter-ministerial cooperation with CEP should be formalized. This was the basis for the establishment of the Peacekeeping Operations Training Centre that will be operating within CEP.

POTC – Peacekeeping Operations Training Centre will be implementing certified trainings and education for soldiers, police officers, civilian personnel of the ministries and other civilian experts that can be deployed to peacekeeping operations and missions within the UN, EU, NATO and OSCE. Skills and knowledge that experts at the peacekeeping operations and missions need, are very specific and diverse and are closely linked to the needs of the international institutions and their cooperation. These most commonly refer to the work and life in a multicultural environment, protection of human rights, cooperation with local personnel, training of trainer’s skills, as well as techniques and skills for work in a hostile environment.