Do you know Danube macro region? And all the projects that Slovenian partners lead and co-create in the region? Danube is connecting a number of countries that are close to us (geographically, culturally and historically), but also some very important economic partners that are further away from us, which is why macro regions represent a good tool to get to know them better. The topics, on which Slovenian partners are working, are various and since we are stronger together, we believe we should get to know each other!

Centre for European Perspective as a coordinator of the PA 10 – Institutional Capacity and Cooperation of the EU Strategy for Danube region invites you to the 1st Danube National Day. We aim to gather everyone, working in the region in an informal environment and seek for synergies, share good practices and potentially make first steps towards our cooperation.

Danube National Day will take place on 15 November in City Hotel Ljubljana from 9.00 to 14.00. Find here the agenda (in Slovenian language).