Institutional Capacity and Cooperation in the Danube Region

“Enhancing coordination between stakeholders and supporting policy development in the Danube region.”

Institutional Capacity and Cooperation in the Danube Region (PA10) is one of the priorities of the EU Strategy for Danube Region that was adopted by European Commission in 2010.

Its main aim is to promote cooperation between the 14 countries (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine) for enhancing sustainable development and competitiveness of this part of Europe. Coordination of the priority area 10 – Institutional Capacity and Cooperation – is in the hands of City of Vienna, Austria and CEP, Slovenia.

At CEP, we are focusing on involvement of young into the policy processes, facilitating discussions and dialogues on all levels and supporting projects that contribute to administrative capacity-building. 

This project is co-funded by the European Union (ERDF, IPA, ENI).


How to combat human trafficking in the cities of the Danube region?

For victims of trafficking in human beings, the Danube Region is not only a destination for exploitation. A significant amount of victims of human trafficking in Europe is recruited from within the Danube Region, in particular within Romania and Bulgaria. Cities and...
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Report on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies

European Parliament recently published Report on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies, where the institution strongly supports macro-regional integration and offers a number of elements and suggestions for concrete activities on the level of...
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Challenges of the Danube Region discussed in Krems

Danube University Krems and the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe are hosting a conference “The EUSDR – Common Approach, Shared Competences” addressing the challenges for policies, economics, science, culture and education in the Danube Region....
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6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) successfully concluded

The 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) that took place on 18-19 October 2017 in Budapest, jointly organised by Hungary (current Presidency of the EUSDR), the European Commission and the Danube Transnational Programme, concluded with...
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Improving visibility of activities and projects of all 4 macro-regions

The EU macroregional strategies conference on Media and Communication »Know thy neighbor« that was held between 20 and 22 September 2017 in Portorož, Slovenia, addressed key issues that stakeholders are facing at their daily work. That is especially how to improve the...
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Importance of Media in recognition of Macroregions – how to communicate more effectively?

The EU macroregional strategies conference on media and communication – know thy neighbour is aimed at bringing together media people, practicians, academia, general public and interested stakeholders from the four EU macroregional strategies (Baltic, Danube,...
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BSF aiming to become regional Davos

A leading conference in Central and South-East Europe, the annual Bled Strategic Forum provides the needed high-level platform for discussion of pressing regional and global issues. Attracting over 1000 participants, including heads of state and government, ministers,...
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Young BSF: Nothing is true, everything is permitted

The Young Bled Strategic Forum that took place between 1. and 3. September was built on premise from Vladimir Bartol’s novel Alamut: Nothing is true, everything is permitted and the put in context of the industrial revolution 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution...
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Mediterranean Coast and Macroregional Strategies Week

»Mediterranean Coast and Macroregional Strategies Week« will take place between the 20–23 September 2017 at Slovenian coast. The traditional event aims to raise awareness on the sea and coast and their natural resources and economic potential, as well as to expose the...
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Facilitating enhanced cooperation among young Danube experts

Centre for European Perspective has made a step towards enhanced cooperation among young Danube experts in Maribor, between 10th and 12th May 2017. Young and potential entrepreneurs were invited to international conference PODIM that shows a great example of...
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