Institutional Capacity and Cooperation in the Danube Region

“Enhancing coordination between stakeholders and supporting policy development in the Danube region.”

Institutional Capacity and Cooperation in the Danube Region (PA10) is one of the priorities of the EU Strategy for Danube Region that was adopted by European Commission in 2010.

Its main aim is to promote cooperation between the 14 countries (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova and Ukraine) for enhancing sustainable development and competitiveness of this part of Europe. Coordination of the priority area 10 – Institutional Capacity and Cooperation – is in the hands of City of Vienna, Austria and CEP, Slovenia.

At CEP, we are focusing on involvement of young into the policy processes, facilitating discussions and dialogues on all levels and supporting projects that contribute to administrative capacity-building.

This project is co-funded by the European Union (ERDF, IPA, ENI).


Spoznajte projekte, ki spreminjajo vsakdan v Podonavju

Radio televizija Slovenija je konec lanskega leta pričela s predstavljanjem treh makroregij, v katere je vključena Slovenija, Alpske, Jadransko-Jonske in Podonavske. V ta namen so pripravili več kratkih oddaj o posameznih projektih ter tri daljše, o vsaki...
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15th PA10 Steering Group Meeting in Prague, CZ

Centre for European Perspective is with City of Vienna coordinating one of 12 thematic priorities of the EU Strategy for the Danube region - priority 10: institutional capacity and cooperation. One of the most important tasks of the priority area coordinators is to...
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First national Danube participation day in Slovenia

FIRST NATIONAL DANUBE PARTICIPATION DAY IN SLOVENIA The Danube region brings together 14 countries and some of them are very close to Slovenia (geographically, also culturally and historically) and some of the most important economically important ones, as well as...
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Danube National Day

Do you know Danube macro region? And all the projects that Slovenian partners lead and co-create in the region? Danube is connecting a number of countries that are close to us (geographically, culturally and historically), but also some very important economic...
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EUSDR supports Young BSF and BSF 2018

As Priority area 10 of the EUSDR is focusing on Institutional Capacity and Cooperation we aim to include young professionals in the policy processes that are defining not only youth policies but tackle the major societal challenges. Institutions need to be able and...
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MP of Baden-Württemberg Mr Meier’s makes first Danube journey stop in Slovenia

Mr Alexander Maier, member of the the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, with colleagues visited CEP on Monday, 30 July 2018. This was his first stop on four weeks long journey through Danube region. Baden-Württemberg is one of the two German federal states (the...
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Start:up Balkans, Development Cooperation programme and Danube experts come together for PODIM Conference in Maribor

The Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans in its conclusions on the issues of economic stability in the region emphasise: “The per capita income of the Western Balkan countries is just 27 percent of the EU15 average. Over 50% of youth population is unemployed,...
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Young BSF: Special opportunity for youth leaders coming from Danube region countries

We are thankful to EU Strategy for Danube Region, who is covering travel grants for young leaders coming from the Danube region countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia,...
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Young Danube Experts join an entrepreneurial programme in Slovenia

Entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking are the foundation of a healthy growth of the economy, which in turn ensures prosperity and an adequate level of development for all inhabitants. Young entrepreneurs are therefore indispensable and very resourceful part...
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Danube Cities against Human Trafficking: Role of Municipalities and Cities

Trafficking in human beings (THB) is a complex phenomenon that is highly dependent on regional and local economic, social as well as cultural factors. Priority Area 10 is playing an active role in facilitating a discussion among experts, municipalities, cities and...
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