It’s been a week since CEP, in collaboration with the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE), hosted a discussion in Brussels focusing on improving the EU’s competitiveness. During this event, we officially unveiled our latest publication titled: “Improving Europe’s Competitiveness: Role of Open Markets, Emerging Technologies, and Strategic Alliances”.

At the discussion the speakers engaged in an in-depth discussion on improving the EU’s competitiveness, covering various aspects of the topic. Among the things they discussed was the consideration of adjustments needed to the EU AI Act, while acknowledging the complexities of negotiating regulations for swiftly evolving technologies at the EU level. In this context, they grappled with the challenge of striking a balance between regulations for protection and flexible frameworks to stimulate innovation.

They underscored the need for further integration of the EU’s Single Market as the engine for improving EU’s competitiveness. They emphasized the importance of fostering transatlantic cooperation and collaborating with like-minded partners to bolster the EU’s standing in the global arena. They also explored strategies for tapping into the digital transformation potential of the CEE region, recognizing it as a valuable opportunity for enhancing competitiveness.

Many thanks again to the speakers for and engaging and insightful discussion!

  • Matthias Bauer, Director, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)
  • David Brozina, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the EU
  • Guido Lobrano, Senior Vice President of Policy, Director General for Europe, The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
  • Karen Massin, Head Government Affairs and Public Policy – EU Institutions, Google
  • Alexandre Roure, Head of Policy and Deputy Head of Office, CCIA Europe

For more on the topic, make sure to read the latest CEP publication here.