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Since the beginning of the project back in 2021, the EUCTI Consortium, led by the EUCTI Secretariat located at the Centre for European Perspective (CEP), implemented 16 training courses and two activities focusing on training institutions from third countries. Eight project partners implemented training activities in seven countries – the Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Kosovo, Mali, Niger, Somalia, and Ukraine.

The partners and subject matter experts who helped deliver the training invested 374 hours into training altogether 311 participants from 41 different countries. The gender balance of our participants improved in 2022 compared to 2021. Last year the EUCTI Consortium was able to train 127 women (41 %) and 182 men (59 %) (among those who identified as such).

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CEP Activities within the Consortium


During the past two years, CEP delivered five training courses: two two-part Digital Communications training courses, one in Kosovo and one in Georgia, and one Protection of Civilians training adjusted to the needs of the staff of the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine). Those five courses were attended by 81 participants altogether, who followed 91 hours of training.


With one year until the end of the project left, the Consortium is well on its way to reaching the set goals, among them to deliver up to 27 training courses and three activities focusing on training institutions from third countries.

CEP is happy to inform the readers that we will be able to contribute to reaching this goal in 2023 as well.

Background Information

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