Last week, on 10 March, European Union Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI) Secretariat, located at CEP premises at Jable Castle, hosted the first in-person partner meeting. Representatives from seven partner organizations and a representative of EU structures joined us at Jable for a day of intense discussions on the past, present and future of the project activities.

Besides CEP, representatives of ASPR, Clingendael, CMC and ZIF contributed to the discussion in-person. Representatives of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Egmont Institute joined the discussion remotely. The Consortium was also joined by one of its steering group members, the representative of European External Action Service, Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI.2).

Head of EUCTI Secretariat, Markko Kallonen, and Head of Peace and Security Programme at CEP, Nina Čepon, opened the meeting. Busy agenda included project updates from partners, working groups developments, brainstorming ideas for 3rd country activities, goals and plans for 2022 training delivery and discussion on the future of the project. In the end many open questions were balanced out by new ideas for the visibility and broadened scope of our project. But most importantly by the reignited commitment of all partners to the success of the project and wish to continue with the important work.


We at CEP are already looking forward to the next partner meeting. Until then we will continue with our activities, with the first one happening soon, in the end of March. More will follow!