Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC), in cooperation with the European Security and Defence College (ESDC), successfully delivered the training activity “A Comprehensive Approach to Gender in Operations.” It ran from March 19-21 at Jable Castle, with an extra day of self-paced eLearning. 

Kliknite tukaj za branje članka v slovenskem jeziku.

During the course, participants learned about integrating a gender perspective into peace operations and understanding legal frameworks related to gender equality. The programme targeted civilian experts, police, and military personnel involved in international missions. The POTC Team was satisfied with enthusiastic and engaged participants, making the sessions lively and dynamic. The extracurricular activities in Ljubljana also provided valuable insights into the topic at hand.

In the end, 24 participants received a certificate for successfully completing the training. Special thanks go to the excellent trainers, with special appreciation to the ESDC Policy Officer/Training Manager, whose help was essential in making this training run smoothly.

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