The past week, POTC successfully organised the 3-day Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Peace Operations and Missions training course, which officially concluded on April 23. This was the fifth edition of the training under the auspices of POTC.

Klikni tukaj za branje prispevka v slovenskem jeziku.

Participants from Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe were engaged in a stimulating multi-day training course that aimed to inform and educate about gender equality and gender mainstreaming in international missions and operations.

The focus of the gender mainstreaming course was primarily on:

  • learning and understanding the concept of gender, sexual differences, biological and social determinants
  • knowing and understanding the different consequences and outcomes that gender identity and sexual orientation have on people living in conflict zones
  • getting to know the international legal framework that ensures gender equality in international operations and missions
  • learning about the concrete tools and approaches for gender mainstreaming in international missions and operations
  • practical mission knowledge from experienced trainers on the topic

The lecturers and participants all contributed to a fruitful and informative course that will hopefully impact peace operations and other areas of work in a positive and balancing manner. 

We wish to thank everyone involved and look forward to our next courses!


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