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While negotiations on EU membership are awaiting opening in North Macedonia, the competent Macedonian authorities are actively working on strengthening the system of financial investigations and the system of confiscation of proceeds of crime and property, which could be of illegal origin.

In pursuit of interest to conduct effective financial investigations, after the adoption of the National Strategy for Financial Investigations in July 2021, the competent Macedonian authorities are in the process of development and interdepartmental coordination of standard operating procedures. Harmonized standard operating procedures will more specifically define the course, characteristics and cooperation in financial investigations of the authorities, which in North Macedonia carry out financial investigations (Ministry of the Interior, Financial Police Directorate, Customs Administration and the State Prosecutor’s Office). Slovenia, which supports North Macedonia in bringing it closer to EU standards in the field of financial investigations, will between 30 November and 2 December 2021 provide advice in interdepartmental coordination and standardization of financial investigation procedures in North Macedonia.

Strengthening the system of financial investigations is an important condition for North Macedonia’s membership in the EU, and above all, it is a key tool for crime prevention. Effective financial investigation and confiscation of assets where it cannot be proved to be obtained legally, carries the message that crime does not pay. With the planned measures, authorities in Macedonia reiterate the interest of North Macedonia that the more property is confiscated from criminals, the more the state can use it to improve the quality of public services for the people of North Macedonia, including health, education, social welfare and for the fight against crime itself.

The project is part of the program activities of international development cooperation, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and implemented in cooperation with the State Prosecution, Financial Administration, Ministry of the Interior and the Police of the Republic of Slovenia.


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Andreja Dolničar Jeraj

Programme Director

Centre for European Perspective