From 6 to 7 November, the 2nd module of the training on International Humanitarian Law will take place at the Joint Training Centre in Postojna. The organisation of the training is shared between the Slovenian Armed Forces and POTC.

Kliknite tukaj za branje članka v slovenskem jeziku.

After last year’s first training module on International Humanitarian Law, this year’s module will focus on specific topical areas of this overarching theme. The aim of the second module is to cover the topics that have been identified as the most legally pressing for personnel of peace operations in the field.

The trainees of the International Humanitarian Law training will learn about:

  • the status of persons in armed conflict;

  • direct participation in hostilities;

  • the treatment of the dead;

  • the status of prisoners of war – POWs;

  • protection of cultural heritage;

  • obligations of the defender;

  • perfidy;

  • and much more.

The International Humanitarian Law training will also make use of new teaching methods and an updated interactive approach to learning, with the aim of providing mission members with a holistic understanding of real day-to-day legal issues from the perspective of international humanitarian law in the event of escalations in the field. The learning outcomes will directly impact the capabilities of military personnel who are soon to be deployed in Slovenian peace and security structures.

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