CEP, Atlantic Council and the Kosciuszko Institute are delighted to invite you to a panel discussion

Digital Partnerships: How to Forge an Advanced European Future

Wednesday, March 22 | 11.30 CET 

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While Covid exposed the EU’s vulnerabilities, the war in Ukraine heightened the urge to solve them – from infrastructure, cybersecurity, disinformation, and defence shortcomings. This especially holds true for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which bear the brunt of Russian cyberattacks and other malicious digital intents.

As outlined in two recent reports from the Atlantic Council and the Centre for European Perspective – “Strategic Partnership for a Secure and Digital Europe” and “Digital Sovereignty in Practice” – to address these issues and ensure European values are respected in the digital world, a like-minded and values-based partnership is a priority, and strong and stable transatlantic exchanges are indispensable. It is paramount that the countries of CEE deepen their cooperation within the region while at the same time strengthening their voice within the EU and with the US.

The panel will address the following questions:

What are the main digital challenges that CEE and the EU are facing now? What mechanisms for cooperation exist within the CEE, and how can such cooperation on digital issues be enhanced? Do any best practices exist? How do we shape a specific, action-oriented agenda for transatlantic digital cooperation to ensure a tangible strategic partnership around digital policy?

Joining us to address these questions are speakers:

  • Dr Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Minister for Digital Transformation of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Mr Janusz Cieszyński, Secretary of State and Government Plenipotentiary for Cyber Security of the Republic of Poland
  • Marta Poslad, Director of Public Policy, Central and Eastern Europe at Google
  • Ewelina Kasprzyk, Program Director at the Kościuszko Institute


You can join us live over Zoom by registering here or following our social media accounts as the video of the session will be published after the discussion.