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Learning Compass is a regional project aimed at improving the situation of elementary children with special needs through the education of primary school teachers in more remote places of four Western Balkan countries (Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina).

The project that was implemented in two years and took place in four countries was formed to reach the following goals:

  • Contribute to improving the situation of children with special needs in primary education;
  • Contribute to the development of the school systems of the countries involved;
  • Strengthen links and cooperation between teaching staff and educational institutions (involved in the project) of the Western Balkan countries and contributed to the peaceful coexistence in the region.

The project implemented all the envisaged activities and involved the members of the current Learning compass community in the following events:

  • Implemented 3 day training for experts from Albania and Kosovo (organised in September 2019 in Drač, Albania)
  • Implemented informative meeting for decision makers (ministries, responsible authorities, school directors, headmasters and other representatives) in Pristina, Kosovo
  • Implemented three day virtual training for Experts in North Macedonia (organised in September, 2020)
  • Implemented a three day virtual training for Experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina (organised in November, 2020)

The Learning Compass project successfully reach the initially set goals, and contributed to:

  • 160 trained profesionals (teachers, special educators, other ecperts) in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Hercegovina in the field of education for childreen with special needs, achieved through the mutual exchange of best practices.
  • Additionally trained experts, as workshop participants passed the received knowledge and experience to more than 400 coworkers (in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Hercegovina) in a structured learning process training of trainers, implemented in their schools.
  • Establishment of a virtual platform in cooperation with the institution Arnes.si. The established platform enables the sharing of knowledge established within the project and further enlargemen of the Learning compass network.

The final activity within the project envisaged the preparation of a project booklet, that would at the same time offer an insight in the most pressing challenges educational systems for children with special needs are facing in the Western Balkans. The publication presents the learning compass project, covers the sharing of best practices on different topics related to education of childreen with special needs and offers the sharing of best practices discussed and developed within the Learning compass training. The publication is available on this web connection Booklet Learning compass

The project is part of programme activities of Slovenia’s Development Cooperation Programme supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve RS.