In the first week of December, Centre for European Perspective is organizing a training course “Training of the Trainers – From Listeners to Successful Trainer” as part of the CEP development project “Support to Albanian LGU on Preparation of the EU and Other International Projects”.

The project is focused on the transfer of good practices from Slovenia in the field of strategic programming on the national level and implementation of the projects on the local level. It is based on a number of workshops, through which Slovenian experts offer training in project management to the representatives of Albanian municipalities, regional development agencies and representatives of various non-governmental organizations.

The training will be taking place in Durres between 3 and 6 December 2018. The main goal of this project is to assist selected staff from Albanian municipalities and other regional, local and national stakeholders to increase their knowledges, capacities and skills in writing and preparing EU and other donor-funded projects.

The particular aim of this training is to ensure the transfer of obtained skills from previous trainings to other public officials at the national or local level.

The training is organised within the framework of the Centre for European Perspective project “Support to Albanian LGU on Preparation of the EU and Other International Projects” supported by the Slovenia’s Development Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

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