National Assembly confirmed new Resolution on International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid of the Republic of Slovenia, the main strategic document of the state in this field. The document defines the goals and principles of Slovenia’s development assistance, specifies geographic and substantive priorities and devotes special attention to the international humanitarian aid.

Under the title “Together for well-being and sustainable future” it specifies key stakeholders on national, regional and global level, including foundations as a group of development cooperation providers that have been established or co-established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in order to cover specific thematic areas.

Centre for European Perspectives has for more than 10 years executed development projects and activities in the Western Balkans countries, focusing on the capacity building for integration and accession to the European Union. Activities are tailored for each recipient country and aim for sustainable, fair, inclusive and secure development.

CEP successfully conducted over 100 development projects in the Western Balkans region. In 2017/2018 we are conducting the following projects:

  • Empowering Kosovo and BiH’s Young Entrepreneurs
  • Assistance to Montenegro on EU Accession
  • Support to Albanian Local Governments on the Preparation of EU/International Projects
  • Support to Macedonia in the EU Accession in Chapter 24 – Financial Investigations
  • Capacity Building on Illegal Migration Information Exchange (Serbia)
  • Support to the Development of Efficient Use of Resources Policies (Montenegro)
  • Enhancing digital diplomacy activities in the Western Balkan and Eastern European countries

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