Empowering Kosovo’s Young Entrepreneurs

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Project aims to support the young entrepreneurs from Kosovo and youngsters with entrepreneurial ideas, who want to develop and launch their projects. For the second year in a row, CEP organized a call for applications in cooperation with the leading regional start up conference PODIM, that takes place every May in Maribor, Slovenia. The call helps us select the best entrepreneurial ideas and pitches and we offer 20 young entrepreneurs (the members of the teams and their mentors) the transportation to the conference, accommodation and the ticket to the PODIM Conference. We widen their knowledge about entrepreneurship and give them an insight into the process of development of the project from the initial idea to the launch, we offer them an opportunity to meet potential investors and last but not least, the entrepreneurs with the same mindset from the whole Alps-Adriatic region.

Following the PODIM Conference, the participants visit Centre for European Perspective at Jable Castle, where a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains more about the Slovenian foreign policy efforts in the Balkan region and the EU-wide Positive Agenda for Youth that recognizes youth in the Balkan region as essential actors in regional cooperation, friendship and reconciliation.


Empowering Young Entrepreneurs of the Western Balkans




20 start-ups, 20 success stories from BiH and Kosovo

In order to support the endeavor of the countries of the Western Balkans, the Centre for European Perspective (CEP) has been engaged in the entrepreneurial programmes for the last five years and its main objective is empowerment of young entrepreneurs from Bosnia and...
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Start:up Balkans, Development Cooperation programme and Danube experts come together for PODIM Conference in Maribor

The Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans in its conclusions on the issues of economic stability in the region emphasise: “The per capita income of the Western Balkan countries is just 27 percent of the EU15 average. Over 50% of youth population is unemployed,...
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Supporting Young Entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans

Young entrepreneurs are an important part of the today’s societies as they bring an important energy and enthusiasm to the daily life. CEP has been with support of the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the official development cooperation engaging BiH and...
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Start up caravan arrived to Pristina to empower young entrepreneurs

Centre for European perspective (CEP) has successfully concluded half of its way with fourth pit-stop of the Start:up Balkan tour in Pristina. 70 young entrepreneurial people participated in the workshop and 15 start-ups pitched their idea in front of business experts...
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Empowering Young Kosovo Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking are the foundation of a healthy growth of the economy, which in turn ensures prosperity and an adequate level of development for all inhabitants. This is particularly important in less stable economic environments and...
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CEP continues to support the development of start-up ecosystem in the Western Balkans

The Center for European Perspective (CEP) will continue its work to support the development of an integrated start-up ecosystem in the countries of the Western Balkans. With the new project, which is financially supported by the British Foreign and Commonwealth...
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Video: Empowering BiH’s and Kosovo’s Young Entrepreneurs

Empowering BiH’s and Kosovo’s Young Entrepreneurs is a region-wide project that supports the young entrepreneurs and youngsters with a promising start-up idea on their way to the development of the idea and launch of their own start-up company. Watch the video about...
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From VR technologies and mobile apps to hacking and travelling platforms – training for young entrepreneurs from BiH and Kosovo

Centre for European Perspective hosted a group of young entrepreneurs for a three-day training in the field of entrepreneurship and transfer of good practices from Slovenia. The participants visited Maribor, Jable Castle and Ljubljana and had a chance to get to know...
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Young Entrepreneurs from BiH and Kosovo – cooperation that transcends the state borders in the Western Balkans

For the third year in a row, Centre for European Perspective (CEP) is enablingouth from the region to attend the leading start-up meeting in the region with an international dimension, PODIM Conference. The project started three years ago in the framework of...
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Kosovo Entrepreneurs getting ready for their search for investments in Slovenia

On Wednesday, March 29, CEP organized a workshop for young entrepreneurs from Kosovo. The event was organized in the Innovation Centre Kosovo in order to promote our project that enables 20 youngsters to attend PODIM Conference. It is the leading regional start-up...
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