Support to the Development of Efficient Use of Resources Policies (Montenegro)

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The focal topic is development and implementation of environmentally responsible policies that support sustainable development and efficient use of natural resources. The objective of the project in 2018 is to assist the adoption of economic solutions that protect the natural resources, for instance the new development paradigm of circular economy that can prevent the negative trend of exploitation of the non-renewable sources and excessive pollution while boosting economy. The public sector has to be a role model that emits an important signal to the Montenegrin market, striving an increase of the supplies of environmentally friendly products and services. During the workshop, the role of the green public procurement and the circular and low-carbon economy will be presented as well.


Fruitful Workshop on Sustainable Development in Montenegro

In the framework of the project “Support to the Development of Policies for Efficient Use of Resources”, inter-ministerial workshop took place at the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro from 5 to 7 June 2018. On the initiative of the Embassy...

Assistance to Montenegro on Accession to the EU

In the framework of Slovenia’s Development Cooperation with Montenegro, a project "Support of development of resource efficiency policy" will take place in Podgorica between 5 and 7 June 2018. The project consists of inter-ministerial workshop in the field of...

Assistance to Montenegro in Negotiations on Accession to the EU 2016 Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change

Click here to read more about the project in Slovenian language.  In the scope of the CEP project “Assistance to Montenegro in Negotiation on Accession to the EU-2016” consultant Mr. Radovan Tavzes from 4 -5 October conducted a workshop for civil servants of the...