A workshop on the topic of countering foreign perpetrated disinformation for North Macedonian NGO’s, media representatives and governmental officials

CEP is organising the second workshop on the topic of countering foreign perpetrated disinformation, this time for North Macedonian NGO’s, media representatives and governmental officials. All too often these groups are working separately from each other, yet all striving towards the same goal, which is to protect democratic institutions and diminish the space for disinformation. This training will bring them one step closer towards this goal. The online training will take place from 26 – 27 May.
On the first day, the participants will hear about a Dutch success story, on how the government works together with civil society to combat disinformation. They will learn about which online tools they can use to better detect and verify disinformation. Lastly, they will hear about the trends and cases of Russian perpetrated disinformation in Europe.
With the input from the international experts and the help of the North Macedonian civil society, we are aiming to support the government of North Macedonia to build their own national system of countering foreign perpetrated disinformation.


More about the project activities here.

The series of workshops is a part of the project supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Slovenia’s Development Cooperation Programme.