Following a successful pilot training organised in 2020, the Centre for European Perspective is organising an online training on Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Peace Operations.

The Peace Operations Training Centre, operating within CEP with the support of the European Union Police and Civilian Services Training, has successfully concluded the Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Peace Operations Training that took place from the 18 to the 20 of May 2021.

Members of Police forces from 12 European countries addressed the international legal framework on gender equality with a special focus on EU legislation, the issue of gender in relation to human dignity in international operations, impact of conflict on gender-related issues and gained insight into concrete situations and issues in experience sharing sessions with experts from the field.

The training on gender equality was in high demand and 29 participants altogether successfully completed the course. They gained different insights, but all agreed that the training was a success:

“This was my first online training. Easy and nice! From the learning perspective it is as effective as sitting in the old fashion class-room.”

“The discussions made me realize some actions that I and others do. I reflected on how it impacts on others and how this has a rippling effect.  It was good to hear it from the perspective of women. I am now in a process of looking at some of my behaviors.”

“Thanks a lot to have the possibility to take part in this training. I will start my next mission in a couple of weeks, and I feel very well prepared in gender related topics.”

“As a trainer I always have opportunity to listen to similar content, but nevertheless this was a really good course with new information which I will use at my work.”