Armed conflicts, international terrorism, the proliferation of nuclear armaments, organised crime, threats to critical infrastructure, environmental degradation and climate change all contribute to the deterioration of international peace and security. International organisations and unions such as the UN, OSCE, EU and others involved in maintaining international peace, stability and security need to deploy highly motivated, skilled and trained personnel to ensure the successful completion of their missions’ mandates. This, in turn, will contribute to more resilient, sustainable and peaceful societies.

At CEP, we understand peace and security as one of the main prerequisites for development, democracy and the rule of law. Our activities cover law enforcement capacity building and civilian crisis management training courses focused on salient and cross-cutting topics such as gender mainstreaming in international operations and missions; climate change, peace and security; protection of civilians; digital and strategic communication; training of trainers; disruptive technologies; cultural heritage protection etc.

Even though the past peace and security projects at CEP have been mostly focused on building the capacities and skills of international personnel joining international missions and operations, in recent years, our activities also focused on upgrading Slovenia’s contributions of security personnel to maintaining international peace and security.

CEP entered the civilian crisis management field in 2008. Our rich experiences coordinating and providing numerous training courses contributed to the foundation of the Peace Operations Training Centre, established by the Slovenian Government and based at CEP. At the same time, we are hosting the secretariat of the EU Civilian Training Initiative and representing national training interests through the EU Civilian Training Group. Our projects facilitate our endeavours in supporting the EU to improve its role as a peace actor.


European Union Civilian Training Initiative

EUCTI (2021 – 2023) aims to enhance the skills and abilities of the individuals and experts deployed to (civilian) crisis management missions by designing and implementing need-based and tailor-made training activities.

European Union Civilian Training Group

EUCTG is a managing body of the Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CIVCOM), analysing EU Common Security and Defence Policy civilian training requirements. Within EUCTG, CEP acts as a National Training Expert and the EU Civilian Coordinator for Training.

Peace Operations Training Centre

POTC is an interdepartmental training centre delivering training activities for military, police and civilian personnel who can be deployed to peacekeeping operations and missions within the UN, EU, NATO, and OSCE.


Cultural Heritage Protection - training








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