Centre for European Perspective understands peace and security as one of the main prerequisites for development, democracy and rule of law.

Our work covers law enforcement capacity building (assistance to the Western Balkan and other countries in strengthening rule of law, security and law enforcement institutions; financial investigations; fight against organized crime, corruption) & civilian crisis management under the auspices of the Peace & Security Programme.

The Peace & Security Programme

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EUCTI – European Union’s Civilian Training Initiative 

EUCTI aims to improve the life of people living in the conflict-affected societies by enhancing the quality of training provided to individuals joining the crisis management missions – either civilian crisis management missions or missions consisting of civilian, police and military elements (integrated missions).

EUCTG – EU Civilian Training Group 

EU Civilian Training Group (EUCTG) was established as a configuration of Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CIVCOM) for the systematic process of managing CSDP training requirements for CSDP civilian training. The CIVCOM is composed of representatives of EU member states, while the EUCTG needs support from the National Training Experts (NTE) and the EU Civilian Coordination for Training (CCT).

CEP has volunteered as EU Civilian Coordinator for Training (CCT) for two topics, namely:

  • Communication, behavioural and cultural skills
  • Mentoring, monitoring and advising (MMA) – as support to the Italian Carabinieri

EUPCST – European Union Police and Civilian Services Training

EUPCST is a three-year project (2019 – 2022) which aims at enabling staff in civilian crisis management and stabilization actions to work in a more efficient, effective, and sustainable manner in order to achieve their mandates.

POTC – Peace Operations Training Centre


POTC – Peace Operations Training Centre will be implementing certified trainings and education for military, police officers, civilian personnel of the ministries and other civilian experts that can be deployed to peacekeeping operations and missions within the UN, EU, NATO and OSCE. 



[Webinar] Radicalization and Violent Extremism Across Borders: An Ongoing Threat

The Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia, the Politics and Society Institute in Jordan and the Centre for European Perspective in Slovenia are jointly organizing a webinar titled:    Radicalization and Violent Extremism Across Borders: An Ongoing Threat March 11,...
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Start of a new CEP coordinated crisis management project – EUCTI

The activities of the new EU funded project coordinated by CEP have begun at the beginning of the year. The Secretariat of the project, the European Union’s Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI), is located at CEP. The overall objective of the EUCTI is to improve the...
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End of 2020 active for strengthening the capacities for financial investigations in North Macedonia

End of 2020 active to strengthen the capacities of the Republic of Northern Macedonia for financial investigations. More about the project in Slovenian language.   For all those in charge of financial investigation in the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as...
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Military Mobility: evacuation of a mission member in the COVID-19 times

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as a major global crisis. Consequently, it has led to a number of restrictive measures in an effort to tackle the virus and accordingly, it affected international missions and operations worldwide. This brought about...
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North Macedonia strengthens capacities for financial investigations

North Macedonia strengthens capacities for financial investigations More about the project in Slovenian language. Slovenian development aid to the Republic of North Macedonia is being successfully continued, with adjustments for following measures to prevent the...
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International Conference “Women, Peace and Security” successfully concluded

This year marks the 20th anniversary of adopting the historic UN Security Council Resolution on Women, Peace and Security (1325), and the 25th anniversary of adopting the Beijing Declaration on Gender Equality. These two documents, together with other UN Security...
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Pilot training of Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming in Peace Operations and Missions launched

Peace Operations Training Centre has proudly implemented its first training, jointly supported by the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia. Several other experts have joined training that gathered twenty participants...
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Slovenia’s development assistance to North Macedonia in joining the EU continues

Slovenia's development assistance to North Macedonia in joining the EU continues More about the project in Slovenian language. Slovenia continues to provide development assistance to North Macedonia, aimed at strengthening the capacity of law enforcement institutions,...
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Tangible results of the Slovenian international development cooperation with Serbia

Tangible results of the Slovenian international development cooperation with Serbia Click here to read more about the project in Slovenian language.  With the support of Slovenia and the development of innovative ICT technology and the implementation of other...
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Join us for the first training of Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC)

First training of Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) Gender equality and gender mainstreaming in peace operations and missions   Peacekeeping Operations Training Centre that is operating within CEP is happy to announce its first training dedicated to an...
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