This past Friday (October 21st) the Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC), in collaboration with the Slovenian Ministry of Defence, successfully organised a refresher course for civil experts on the topic of Stabilisation and Reconstruction at Grad Jable.

Klikni tukaj za branje prispevka v slovenskem jeziku.

The goal of the course was to review and upgrade the knowledge of civilian experts on civil-military cooperation happening on Slovenian missions abroad.

All in all 35 civilian experts attended the Stabilisation and Reconstruction refresher course. Diverse lecturers, who have returned from international missions, shared their insights from the ground, including:

  • presenting the changes in the international arena such as the fallout of the Afghanistan retreat;
  • the current work of Slovenians on international missions and operations like the cooperation in the Western Balkans;
  • past work done for KFOR;
  • many more topics and future post openings.

Afterwards, the civilian experts were engaged in a lively debate with the presenting experts, mainly wanting to know more about new developments from international missions and highlighting the importance of civilian experts on missions. The knowledge and experience shared during the course will hopefully contribute to future mission success.

Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) would like to thank the Slovenian Ministry of Defence for their input and collaboration on this course.