In January, POTC will facilitate a Training of Trainers for the Namibia International Women’s Peace Centre (NIWPC) in Windhoek, Namibia. The aim of this cooperation is to bolster the capacities of the nascent Namibian Peace Centre in the field of peace operations.

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The training is supported by the European Union Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI), which aims at enhancing the abilities of the deployed civilian staff in EU CSDP, OSCE, UN, AU and other crisis management missions to work in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner to implement their respective missions’ mandates.

More specifically, the cooperation between POTC and the NIWPC, together with the support of EUCTI, will focus on delivering the Training of Trainers (ToT) course. The ToT course is designed to strengthen the training skills of members of international crisis management missions and peace operations to either support them in designing and delivering the ToT courses or to equip the subject matter experts with skills, knowledge and attitudes to be more effective trainers.

The target audience of the ToT is personnel from the NIWPC, Namibian police, military and civilian structures who are involved in designing, planning, organising and delivering training programmes in their respective training structures. The course will come for first-time trainers and those with more experience. All participants will be given the chance to practice, acquire and develop new competences and/or build upon existing knowledge, skills and experience.

The training will cover the designated 7 ToT Modules (Module 1 – Being a Trainer, Module 2 – Teaching and Learning Theories, Module 3 – Techniques to Use in a Training Session, Module 4 – Managing the Training Environment and Effective Communication, Module 5 – Planning, Preparation of a Training Session, Module 6 – Delivery of a Training Session, and Module 7 – Assessing Learning and Evaluating a Training Event) as well an additional Module 8 »Mission Environment Training Specifics« which will take a holistic look at the entirety of the other modules and apply the mission environment specifics to them.

The POTC Team, together with the trainers, is looking forward to cooperating with our Namibian partners and delivering this essential training for Namibian peace operations personnel in Windhoek.

This training is supported by the European Union Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI).

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