Klikni tukaj za branje prispevka v slovenskem jeziku. ?? 


Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) has in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia this year dedicated lots of energy for creating a new course Community and People Centred Approach of which the pilot course will be delivered next year. The first two Community and People Centred Approach Course workshops were attended by representatives of defence policy, civil defence, military, police, international development cooperation, humanitarian organizations, project management experts, and others.

At the first workshop in March, participants were introduced to the important contributions of civilian functional experts to the overall military objective of the operation, analysed the past and current international operations and missions of NATO, EU and UN through local (so-called micro) projects, and evaluated the relevance, validity and feasibility of the strategy for participation in international operations and missions. At the second workshop in June, two inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral pilot projects were prepared for local communities and population, which will be implemented in practice in the area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina in the coming years. Both projects will try to fill the gap that appears below the level of city, regional and central authorities. A comprehensive approach, establishing and maintaining a network of relationships with local communities and local population, is the focus of the Community and People Centered Approach Course.

In December, the third and last Community and People Centred Approach workshop will take place where participants, with the help of experts from NATO, UN, EU and OSCE, will design a high-quality course, which will in the future equip civilian functional experts with legal, strategic, doctrinal and tactical documentary bases for action (coordination, cooperation, collaboration) at the level of local communities and the population in missions (in the framework of implementation of various projects and other forms of action at the local level).