Projects 2006 – 2018


Creating an Ethical Work Environment – Border Police (1st Training) Training 2009
Presentation of the 1st issue of the Scientific Journal European Perspectives Journal 2009
Educational Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Intercultural Challenge (Competition) Training 2009
The EU Negotiations for Macedonian Public Administration: Techniques and Skills (1st Training) Training 2009
Scientific Journal European Perspectives No. 1 Journal 2009
Western Balkans and Diagonal Cumulation of Origin with workshop on implementation and potential effects of SAP+ cumulation Training 2009
Efficient and Effective Kosovo Public Services (7th Training): The International Negotiations – Techniques and Skills Training 2009
Training of consular agents from Bosnia and Herzegovina Training 2009
Bled Strategic Forum 2009: The Politics of Economic Crisis: Redefining Economic and Geopolitical Landscapes in Europe and Eurasia Conference 2009
Presentation of the book collection “Studia diplomatica Slovenica” at the Univeristy Andrássy Gyula, Budapest Book 2009
ESDP Training Programme for SAP Countries Module 2: “Capabilities, Crisis Management, Operations” Training 2009
Efficient and Effective Kosovo Public Services (6th Training): Motivating Employees in Public Administration Training 2009
Book Izidor Cankar – diplomat dveh Jugoslavij (Izidor Cankar – diplomat of two Yugoslavias) Book 2009
CEP Task Force Meeting on Intercultural Dialogue in the Western Balkans Expert Meeting 2009