Strengthening Societal Resilience and Countering Foreign Perpetrated Disinformation in 6 Western Balkans Countries


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Western Balkan countries were identified as the European countries that are, according to the 2019 Media Literacy Index, the most susceptible to disinformation. Eroding trust, associated with the growing polarization in society, stimulates lingering regional tensions and weakens the credibility of Euro-Atlantic integrations among the 6 Western Balkans countries (Albania, BiH, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia).

The project aims to enhance resilience and boost regional cooperation against disinformation and it will bring together representatives of government, civil society and media from all 6 Western Balkan countries and enable them to work together when encountering cases of foreign disinformation. All too often these groups are working separately from each other, yet all striving towards the same goal, which is to protect democratic institutions and diminish the space for disinformation.

The following challenges need to be addressed: 

  • The need to connect networks (civil society, media and government) on a national level in order to have a functioning national system for combating disinformation.
  • Media representatives – especially journalists – should be more linked regionally, across Western Balkans.
  • Given that the tactics and often-times narratives of disinformation are similar and get replicated across countries and regions, there is a need to share information, know-how and best practices across these countries.


Project duration: 18 months


More about project activities here (pdf file).

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