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New publication by the Centre for European Perspective titled: Strategic partnership for a secure and digital Europe: forging digitally advanced future with a deepened transatlantic cooperation.

The publication focuses on the opportunities and hurdles of the strategic transatlantic partnership and its future while also taking note of the EU and US quest for reaching global standards in AI and securing of digital future via the strengthening of transatlantic and CEE cooperation.

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We are happy to introduce the new CEP publication titled Information war and fight for truth’, which is the result of cooperation between various stakeholders in the Western Balkans in the framework of the project “Strengthening societal resilience and countering foreign perpetrated disinformation in 6 Western Balkans countries”.

This publication seeks to provide insight into the situation in the Western Balkans and the harmful effects of foreign perpetrated disinformation. The use of disinformation tactics is not a new phenomenon, especially with the spread of modern technology that helps move information faster.

The Centre for European Perspective – CEP is proud to announce a new publication titled Paving the digital path in Central and Eastern Europe – Regional perspectives on advancing digital transformation and cooperation, featuring articles from expert authors Theodore Christakis (AI-Regulation), Fredrik Erixon and Oscar Guinea (ECIPE – European Centre for International Political Economy), Soňa Muzikárová (GLOBSEC Policy Institute), Christian Kvorning Lassen (EUROPEUM), Ewelina Kasprzyk and Kamil Mikulski (Kosciuszko Institute), Katja Mohar Bastar and Jaka Repanšek (Slovenian Digital Coalition), Márton Ugrósdy (IFAT – Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade) and Mindaugas Ubartas (Infobalt) with a foreword by Minister of Digital Transformation of Slovenia, H.E. Mr Mark Boris Andrijanič.

Together with the Kosciuszko Institute, the Centre for European Perspective – CEP is proud to announce a joint report, Transformative Power of Digital: Central and Eastern Europe’s leap towards greater prosperity, innovation and resilience.

The report provides an overview of crucial needs and areas for CEE countries to leap to a digitally-enabled future and overcome centuries-old fragmentation and disjointment of infrastructure that hampers its development. The publication aims to define a strategic direction that has to be pursued so CEE can emerge as a cohesive region that enables dynamic, profitable and innovative intra-regional cooperation.

Perspectives represent an online platform, established by the Centre for European Perspectives and partners, for different authors and analysts to publish, present and disseminate their work. Perspectives publish different opinions, reviews, review papers, policy papers, practitioner papers, strategies and academic (scientific) papers.

The scientific journal European Perspectives aims to provide a comprehensive source of analytical and theoretical articles in the field of defence and security, international relations, international law, economy and public administration. Focusing on the region of South East Europe (Western Balkans, Albania and Turkey) and the countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy the journal stimulates scientific dialogue, encourages expert research within above mentioned disciplines, offers a platform for exchange of views and builds a scientific network in the region.

By its comprehensive scope the journal represents important reading for scholars as well as policy-makers from the region of South East Europe and EU.

CEP has been issuing a scientific double blind peer reviewed journal between 2009 and 2017.

The Studia Diplomatica Slovenica is a collection of books divided into three series:

  • the Fontes series – a collection of sources and international diplomatic documents;
  • the Monographiae series – a collection of key periods of development of Slovenian diplomatic heritage; and
  • the Personae series – biographies of prominent Slovenian diplomats working for multinational states (the Habsburg Monarchy, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Yugoslavia).