Tangible results of the Slovenian international development cooperation with Serbia

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With the support of Slovenia and the development of innovative ICT technology and the implementation of other activities of international development cooperation between the two countries in the past two years, Serbia has successfully strengthened the patrol management system, which will also contribute to achieving the standards required for EU accession. Despite the innovativeness of the solutions, it is a simple, user-friendly system, which does not impose new obligations on police officers, only increases work efficiency, prompt response and coordination.

While respecting safeguards to prevent the spread of COVID-19 between 27 and 31 October 2020, a test workshop and advice provision on the use of equipment and knowledge was executed in Serbia, which will enable better management of patrols and increase the efficiency of the work of emergency services and operations centres. The exchange of knowledge and experience was followed by a ceremonial handover of equipment and a discussion on new findings, in which representatives of the leadership of both police, Slovenian and Serbian, also participated.

In the aggravating circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the credit for the above-average rated success can be attributed to close collaboration. Such level of cooperation is possible only since it is grounded on established level of partnerships characterised by mutual trust and a similar understanding of the professional efforts of both Slovenian and Serbian police, to be the best possible service to citizens in ensuring internal security and preventing and fighting crime.

In the first phase, the new patrol management system, coordinated by the Command and Operations Center of the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, includes the Border Police Administration and its 3 organizational units: the Operations Centre of the Border Police Administration, the Batrovci Border Police Station and the Rujan Border Police Station; Vranje Police Administration, with two organizational units: Vranje Police Station and Vranje Traffic Police Station and Sremska Mitrovica Police Administration, also with two organizational units, Sremska Mitrovica Police Station and Sremska Mitrovica Traffic Police Station. Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia expressed interest in including all other organizational units of the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia in the patrol management system in the coming period of international development cooperation and with the help of Slovenia.

The results achieved will help improve the response of police patrols to the needs of the people, the coordination of police work in the field, including in responding to migration, and the protection of police officers in the performance of police duties. It is a contribution to the goal of sustainable development; to develop efficient, responsible and transparent institutions, which Slovenia has ranked among the priorities in the implementation of international development cooperation.


The project is part of program activities carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior / Police of the Republic of Slovenia and CVS Mobile and is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia from funds for international development cooperation.

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Andreja Dolničar Jeraj

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