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As part of the project ‘Global Responsibility for the Future’ on Friday, April 26, 2019, the SLOGA Platform conducted a global learning workshop for young entrepreneurs who are involved in the program of the youth entrepreneurship accelerator Ustvarjalnik. The topic of the workshop was fair trade.

Young entrepreneurs have learned the principles of fair trade and decent work, and what needs to be taken into account when planning and implementing an entrepreneurial idea so that they will not exploit people, harm nature or overuse natural resources.

The purpose of the global learning workshop combined with entrepreneurship was to invite young to start thinking wider about the impact of their product /service or components that are required to produce their product.

Through experiential activities the participants discussed the shortcomings of fast fashion and alternative methods of production – fair trade products and services – and were invited to form their ideas in line with principles of fair trade. In the discussion they examined how their products could be even more sustainable. SLOGA platform also offered young entrepreneurs the possibility of individual counselling, which some of the workshop participants have already used.

More and more young people in Slovenia are involved in business workshops and activities that encourage development of entrepreneurship. However, such activities devote little attention to the global dimension and sustainable development. The main purpose of those workshops is to provide, through the support and mentoring of representatives of NGOs,  an opportunity for young people to acquire the skills needed to promote a sustainable lifestyle, including respect for human rights, gender equality, promoting the culture of peace and non-violence, citizenship of the world and to respect cultural diversity.

Participants of the workshop were as well acquainted with the possibility that their ideas will be competing for the award that will be granted to the most ethical idea at the end of the project.

The project is financed by the Global Education network Europe – GENE. The project is part of the CEP program activities co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the scope of Slovenia’s development cooperation.


Source: SLOGA Platform

SLOGA with young entrepreneurs on sustainable products and services