On November 7th, 58 members of the Slovenian Armed Forces successfully completed the 2nd edition of International Humanitarian Law Training at the Joint Training Centre in Postojna.

Kliknite tukaj za branje članka v slovenskem jeziku.

Using immersive teaching tools developed by the Legal Department of the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Joint Training Centre Research and Simulations Department, the attending military participants trained themselves on topics such as:

  • the status of persons in armed conflict;
  • direct participation in hostilities;
  • the treatment of the dead;
  • the status of prisoners of war – POWs;
  • protection of cultural heritage;
  • obligations of the defender;
  • perfidy;
  • and more.

Leading IHL experts from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, dr. Vasilka Sancin and dr. Maruša Tekavčič Veber, delivered 2 days of thought-provoking sessions that engaged the participants and opened the floor for lively debates.

»Even wars have rules« was the main motto of the international humanitarian law training and this was crystal clear by the end of this joint training between the Slovenian Armed Forces and POTC.

We would like to thank all the participants, the lecturers, the staff of the Joint Training Centre in Postojna and the staff of the Legal Department of the Slovenian Armed Forces who developed the content of this training. The POTC Team looks forward to the next edition of this training whose themes are growing in importance in an ever more complex world.

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