CEP’s Peace and Security and the Strategic Communication Department are happy to announce they will again be able to contribute to the overall efficiency, resilience and strength of the EU Advisory Mission in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine). Under the auspices of the European Union Civilian Training Initiative (EUCTI), CEP will conduct a need-based online Advanced Digital Communication training, split into three days: 31 May, 7 & 13 June 2023.

The rapid and immense spread of dis- and misinformation and the emergence of quickly evolving artificial intelligence programmes and tools such as ChatGPT has strongly affected the work of civilian crisis management missions. Additionally, the war in Ukraine significantly contributed to the need of the EUAM Ukraine to focus even more and in a different way on digital communication tools and channels. In the past year, they have been able to help improve the resilience and effectiveness of civilian crisis management in the country through disseminating information, coordinating response efforts and engaging with the local communities. The tailor-made Advanced Digital Communication training will build on the knowledge and experience of the Press and Public Information Office personnel and provide them with practical examples of how to upgrade their communication efforts.

The course methodology is designed to maximise practical skill development. Through pre-training tasks, evaluations, and interactive sessions with the trainers, participants will engage in collective brainstorming, reflective practice, and case studies to reinforce their learning experience. They will also touch upon the findings of the EUAM Ukraine’s social media channels analysis, prepared by one of the trainers.


Digital Communication Modules

Each module of the course is tailored to address specific communication challenges:

  1. Storytelling, where participants will gain a deep understanding of storytelling methods and tools, enabling them to communicate complex topics effectively. Furthermore, by overcoming the “curse of knowledge,” they will learn to engage audiences through compelling narratives, improving the visibility of the mission and its activities.
  2. Social Media Report Analysis will provide practical and strategic guidance on improving social media channels. Participants will learn to optimise their communication strategies, outlook, and performances, enhancing their digital presence.
  3. Disinformation, where the participants will examine significant disinformation cases in Ukraine and worldwide, which will help them gain valuable insights and develop strategies to raise awareness and build resilience against disinformation.
  4. Meta platform changes will focus on the latest changes and future developments in Meta (formerly Facebook) since January 2023. With a focus on communication strategy, participants will gain valuable advice on adapting their communication activities to leverage the new platform effectively.
  5. and Telegram utilisation, through which the participants will receive essential training on Telegram, from efficient usage to launching and managing a successful Telegram channel. This module will equip participants with the skills needed to enhance their communication activities and prepare for the launch of their channel.


CEP is happy to support EUCTI and believes this training will help improve EUAM Ukraine’s communication strategies, learn and use storytelling techniques, and fight against dis- and misinformation. Last but not least, it will assist the mission personnel in adapting to new and evolving communication platforms. In turn, the mission’s overall impact and reach will be improved, alongside the participants’ skills necessary to excel in the dynamic world of digital communication.