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From 8th of May through May 12th 2019 a special train provided by the Slovenian Railways was travelling from Ljubljana to Sofia and back. The train passengers were young entrepreneurs, who developed their business ideas during the journey, and more than successfully pitched the latter to the investors fund Launchub upon arrival to the Bulgarian capital Sofia. As part of the project ‘Global responsibility for the future’ one of the mentors was also a representative of non-governmental organizations, who helped the young entrepreneurs, so that their ideas also included a sustainable global component.

Esteemed business owners also joined the startup journey on train tracks in the role of mentors. The organizers of the project wished to enable the fifty selected young participants to start their business and provide inspiration for the young entrepreneurs to implement their business ideas. The role of non-governmental organizations was to integrate the global sustainable component into the project ideas. By doing so, their business ideas would transcend the base of societal responsibility, as to raise awareness for all three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

The award for the socially most beneficial idea was received by the project Help, which focuses on helping elderly people with their household chores and is led by Filip Uranc. The award was enabled by supporters and co-financers GENE, CEP, European Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

Some of the young participants, who were engaged in our workshops on the topic of global learning before the train journey, have in many aspects shown their interest for global learning, asked about fair trade, acquirement process for certification materials and other relevant subjects. The most memorable workshop was devoted to clothing, where the participants discovered how much water is needed to produce pants (jeans). Some of the participants who were interested in the topic decided to research the possibilities on how to integrate the ethical component into their business idea.

Source: Platform SLOGA