Last week we hosted a study visit of the delegation from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia in the scope of the ‘Strengthening of Patrol Management Capacities’ project. During the visit, colleagues from Serbia heard more about the Slovenian system of patrol management, technical management of the 112 & 113 system, and patrol management in Slovenia’s border regions with support from colleagues from the Slovenian Police. In the scope of the visit, the Serbian delegation visited the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Slovenia and the General Police Directorate, where Slovenian and Serbian colleagues discussed the successful cooperation in patrol management.
On the second and third days of the study visit, the Serbian delegation visited the Police Directorate Maribor, the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief – branch in Podravje and the Police Directorate Novo mesto, where they more the process of establishing an efficient patrol management system in Slovenia.
On the last day, the study visit focused on the planning of further activities within the patrol management system in Serbia, which will take place this year.
Activities are part of Slovenian development cooperation, financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and implemented in cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry of Interior and Slovenian police.