In the first period of implementation of the TalentMagnet project, the work on two different thematic work packages – WP T1 Methodology and planning and WP T2 TalentMagnet toolkit – has started. The knowledge providers and thematic work package leaders had several online meetings to get on the same page, discuss and clarify the related tasks, responsibilities and their division. Both for WP T1 and T2, the work package leaders have prepared a workplan.

The elaboration of the Baseline study (D.T1.1.1) has started with the collection of relevant research papers, studies and scientific publications on a consortium level. Moreover, the capitalization of earlier DTP projects (EDU-LAB, ATTRACTIVE DANUBE and YOUMIG) was ensured by those partners which took part in their implementation. A draft version of the Baseline study was prepared by EFE.

CEP, as the responsible partner for the Primary research – survey among the target groups (D.T1.1.2) has prepared the questionnaires covering the topics of education, the housing market, labour market and quality of life with the involvement of the partnership. The questionnaires were used by city partners as tools to map relevant stakeholders, identify the specific needs for improvement of the relevant legal regulations and identify the current state of affairs – such as policies, priorities and plans. The analysis of the collected information was prepared by CEP taking into consideration the professional comments of knowledge provider partners.

As part of the Partner-level situation analysis (D.T1.1.3), questionnaires for the private sector and young people were developed by IOS with the contribution of partners. City partners used these questionnaires to map up the specific needs of their cities/regions and investigate the sectors that suffer from brain drain. Furthermore, the activity also included the local level situation analysis of pilot partners in the following fields: demography and society, economy and labour market, education and quality of life indicators.

The work on the Good Practice Catalogue (D.T1.1.4) started with the creation of a draft structure and a template document for collecting good practices, prepared by DEX in cooperation with EMFIE. An external expert has prepared a study that presents key terms, international good practices, related research and EU-funded projects.

The preparatory work of WP T2 has also started; a draft Guide for setting up and running Local Talent Club (D.T2.1.2) was developed by NYMVH taking into account partners’ comments.

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TalentMagnet project is co-funded by the European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).

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